Legion of Sand

Arizona's Guide to conventions and pop culture


Here you’ll find all our interviews in one handy dandy place!

“Ah, impressive, if I do say so myself!” Overwatch Voice Actor Darin De Paul Answers A Few Questions!

A Few Questions With Kelly Corcoran From Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses

Arnie Roth Talks Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds

Talking Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 2015 With Jillian Squires

Interview with the Producer of rePlay: Symphony of Heroes

We interview Luluko about cosplay!

Get to know Cosplayer Emilie Bada-BOOM

A Few Questions with Kelly Sue DeConnick!

Audio Interview with 98KUPD’s MoRo!

Our interview with Ralph Garman!

Our interview with Mystery Babylon creator, Val Hochberg!

Interview with Wes Cleveland from ZapCon

Quick Interview with AZ Powergirl!

Our interview with Colin Aprill from Phoenix Comic Con

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