If you’re a frequent reader of this blog then you probably know I enjoy video game music that is very nostalgic. Hearing songs from video games I grew up playing is a treat, hearing it live is special. I make it point to attend as many video game symphonies as possible and I am stoked for The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses to finally come to Phoenix. I’m a huge Legend of Zelda fan and its almost impossible to enjoy the games without enjoying the music, whether it’s the original titles from the Nintendo Entertainment System or the newer titles like Twilight Princess.

The Symphony of the Goddesses tour will be stopping at the Phoenix Symphony in Downtown Phoenix on November 21. Tickets are still available right here! I recently was able to ask a few questions to Kelly Corcoran, the conductor of the Phoenix show, a few questions about video game music and Symphony of the Goddesses. I’ll see you guys on November 21 for the concert! For more information on Symphony of the Goddesses and to see where else they might be playing, visit their official website.

LoS: Before you got involved with Symphony of the Goddesses as the music director and conductor, were you aware of the popularity of video game music?

KC: Yes! I played video games as a kid and have several family members that are big fans. Also, in my work conducting orchestras around the country, I have seen the consistent excitement of audiences whenever there are concerts of video game music. Also, video game composers are gaining more and more recognition for their work.

LoS: Is there a big difference in performing a concert centered around pop cultural music compared to a classical music?

KC: I approach the music making process in the same way – aiming to give an engaging, dynamic performance executed with a shared vision. I always aim to discover new things in the music and bring out the phrasing and character with each orchestra. The audiences are a bit different from a more traditional classical program and I always welcome the excited, supportive, boisterous energy of the full houses in the Zelda shows.

Still my favorite title in the series
               Still my favorite title in the series

LoS: Do you feel it’s important to expose younger audiences to the experience of a live symphony through video game and movie soundtracks?

KC: Yes! Engaging young audiences in classical and orchestral music is a passion point of mine. I believe this music is a great way to cultivate listening and share in the experience of art together. Video game music and movie soundtracks are often a great entry point for listening to orchestral music because there are dramatic or visual elements associated with the music.

LoS: The Legend of Zelda is loved around the world, what are some of the reactions you see when they hear their favorite music of the game performed live?

KC: I love the applause, the laughter and the cheers. One of the best parts is when you start a piece and just a few seconds in someone cheers or the audience shouts with excitement because they recognize the particular movement and are so excited to hear it! I also love the costumes that people come in! It’s great to have such a dedicated fan base.  

LoS: Is there a particular piece from Symphony of the Goddesses you enjoy the most?

KC: I really like Wind Waker and Dragon Roost – Great energy and power. It’s fun!