replay: Symphony of Heroes is a traveling concert series that will be making a two performance stop in Phoenix on June 6th. The website details the event as following:

rePLAY: Symphony of Heroes takes you on a hero’s journey, as set forth by Joseph Campbell’s monomyth; a narrative framework that can be seen in many of the games, film, and books throughout history. Each stage in the monomyth is a chapter in our story, and each game/musical selection was chosen primarily for its suitability for the chapter that it is featured in. In this way, our story is the story of a hero, told through the amazing worlds of other heroes, in an unforgettable experience that’s not to be missed.

I recently had the chance to ask Jason Michael Paul, the Producer of replay: Symphony of Heroes, a few questions about the show!

LoS: For gamers that have attended a live video game performance in the past, how does rePlay set out to make it a unique experience for fans?

JMP: This experience is different because it features some of the most beautiful music written for games. Some of the games we have chosen have been done so not so much by popularity but because of the beauty of the music. It just so happens that many of the titles are also blockbusters! We have prepared a concert that takes the audience on a “Heroes” journey. The orchestra led by Miriam Burns the conductor weaves beautifully the orchestra visuals and the game visuals to bring a one of a kind video game and symphony experience like no other.

LoS: How structured is the set list for each show? Is it altered on a case by case situation?

JMP: We currently have a fixed program as the music for each chapter is fitting for the “Heroes” journey.

Expect tunes from such games as Halo
Expect tunes from such games as Halo

LoS: How much of your own gaming music preference goes into the show? Do you have a favorite video game soundtrack?

JMP: We work to be objective to deliver the fans what they want. We rely on feedback and really how much support we can secure from the originators of the games that we feature. Favorite video game soundtrack? Shadow of the Colossus

LoS: As a newer touring show, has it been difficult to get developers on board to license out their music for the show?

JMP: It is challenging but once they attend a concert and see the top notch way that the brand is treated it becomes abundantly clear how positive it can be.

LoS: Have you gotten any positive feedback/suggestions from attendees that have had an impact on the shows?

JMP: We receive positive and even negative feedback. We welcome all feedback. It is only natural to listen to the fans because after all they are the ones paying to see it. It is my job to give the fans what they want.

You can click here to purchase your tickets for the June 6th performance at Symphony Hall in Downtown Phoenix.