In our third interview this month, we got the chance to ask a few questions to Colin Aprill from the Phoenix Comic Con marketing team. This convention is the crown jewel of conventions in the southwest so I lot of work goes into making sure it exceeds fans expectations. Just a reminder, registration is already open (get them here!) so don’t wait until the last minute.

LoS: Phoenix Comic Con continues to grow each year, how much thought is put into adding new events to take advantage of the increased attendee levels and the space of the Phoenix Convention Center?
Colin: We are continually adding new events, both in the convention center and nearby for our attendees to enjoy in addition to everything to experience in the main exhibitor hall. It is a huge point of emphasis for us that we look to improve upon each year.


LoS: I’m sure you get a lot of requests from fans on who they want to see as guests at your convention, what does the process look like in selecting guests to invite to Phoenix?
Colin: Yes, we do receive a large number of guest suggestions. We have a great Guest Relations Department, who work very hard to bring a wide variety of guests to the convention each year. Unfortunately, this is an area that my department (Marketing) does handle directly, so I would not be able to explain the process with intimate detail.

LoS: A lot of comic conventions have placed an emphases on Hollywood panels and guests. How important is to keep a balance between comics and Hollywood at Phoenix Comic Con?
Colin: We feel that a balance between our guests and the types of mediums and genres that they represent is very important to Phoenix Comic Con. We love that so many variety of guests come each year, so that no matter what type of fan you are, there will be something for you to enjoy.

The Phoenix Convention Center looking northward toward the Sheraton Hotel.

LoS: Does the city of Phoenix support the convention in anyway because of the amount of people it attracts to the downtown area?
Colin: Yes, we do work with the city of Phoenix to make our convention operate and to provide the best experience possible for our attendees. In addition to the convention and many events being held in the convention center. We partner with many hotels and local businesses to provide additional events, accommodation, places to eat, etc. We feel that there is no better place to have our convention than in downtown Phoenix.

LoS: What has been some of the challenges in organizing the convention?
Colin: When organizing a large event, yes, it is very time-consuming and lot of work. Challenges include working with the variable mix of guests, vendors, attendees, press/media, etc. and of course, the unforeseen. But, we have a very hard working and experienced group of volunteers in all of our departments that make things go as smoothly as possible in all areas.

LoS: What are you excited about for this years convention?
Colin: Personally, I am most excited to interact with our attendees and see firsthand how they enjoy everything that the convention has to offer, which makes all of the work we do worth it.