Quick turn around this time from convention to blog post! I was only able to attend Con-Nichiwa Saturday but still had a pretty good time. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not that up to speed on current anime besides Attack on Titan (which made up a good percentage of what attendees were cosplaying as) but regardless, it was worth the trek from Phoenix to Tucson.

If I am not mistaken, Con-Nichiwa is the largest anime convention in Arizona and the only one held in a convention center so my expectations for the exhibit hall/vendor room was a little higher. I did manage two buy a few prints from an artist. The real draw of the convention to me was the crazy amount of panels and the topics they covered. If you are remotely into anime, video games or even Japanese culture, you were bound to find a panel that would entertain you. I sat through three panels (one about Dragon Ball, one the featured traditional Japanese dances and taiko drums, and the third about… Tea) and I each one kept me entertained. I also caught the cosplay parade that featured some of the days best costumes as well as a live performance from the band Candy Bomber.

The convention offered a ton more than I was able to experience such as a Q&A with different professional voice actors and a Maid Café experience that attendees could pay a few dollars more for. Overall, a fun event so check out the pictures below and the few videos.

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