We recently had the chance to ask Cara Nicole aka AZ Powergirl a few random questions. Don’t forget that she will be at appearing at Con-Nichiwa this weekend! A big thanks to Cara for taking a few minutes out of her busy schedule!

LoS: When you’re at a convention, what’s the most enjoyable part of your weekend?
AZPowergirl: I really don’t know. That’s usually a surprise. Every show is different and you never know what’s coming.

LoS: You travel around to a lot of cons, what is one restaurant where you’ve had some awesome food?
AZPowergirl: Well, my usual go to is Chipotle. I can pretty much find it anywhere. As far as new places, I was in Vegas for a runway show and found this art museum restaurant and the food was to die for.

LoS: When it comes to decide on a new costume to debut, is it based off what’s popular at the moment or what you personally like?
AZPowergirl: Mostly what I like. If I find it fun or interesting. Sometimes I cosplay a character if there are enough requests for it.

LoS: Do you have a favorite issue of Power Girl or maybe a favorite moment in the comics?
AZPowergirl: I love the Death of Superman. The black bags and secrecy of the situation was awesome. I really didn’t like the alternative Supermen very much except for Steel. Great character.

LoS: Where can fans see you in the next few months?
AZPowergirl: I will be around a bit. Coming up- Con-nichiwa in Tucson then Emerald City Comic on in Seattle, Salt Lake City FanXpo, C2E2 in Chicago, Nerds Assemble in Juarez Mexico, Game On in Sierra Vista, Dallas Comicon, Phoenix Comicon, Denver Comicon, Smallville Comicon in Hutchinson Kansas, Albuquerque Comic Expo, and Capitol City Comic Con in Austin.

Check out a few pictures of AZ Powergirl and then head on over to her store at 183 Degree Studio to buy these or any other awesome prints.