I jumped on the Carol Danvers rendition of Captain Marvel from day 1. At that though, I wasn’t too familiar with Kelly Sue DeConnick but her writing and story telling was terrific. This past April at Wondercon, I finally had a chance to meet her and wow! What a following she has and couldn’t have been a nicer person with her fans. You can currently catch her writing Captain Marvel as well as Pretty Deadly for Image comics. Check out her work if you’re not familiar with it, she is taking the industry by storm.

LoS: I’m not sure I can think of a bigger name in comics right now! What does it mean to be such an inspiration to women of all ages?

KSD: Oh, I CAN! Lots. I don’t think about myself in that way, but if something that I’ve said or written can give someone some comfort or courage, well, then, that’s grand. I’m very lucky indeed.

LoS: Did you have any favorite comic writers or artists before you got into the industry?

KSD: Sure; lots. Bill Sienkiewicz, Brian Bendis, Marv Wolfman and George Perez, Warren Ellis, Neil Gaiman, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Yoshitaka Amano, Taiyo Matsumoto… and on and on and on.

LoS: You’ve have an awesome and passionate following, how exciting is it to make appearances at conventions?

KSD: I love it. It’s the most fun.

LoS: You’ve got Pretty Deadly with Image and Captain Marvel with, well, Marvel (among other projects). Do you find any big differences between doing work for Image and Marvel?

KSD: Sure, but it’s not as different as you might think when it comes to the actual writing.

LoS: Can fans expect to see you at San Diego Comic Con this year?

KSD: Yes; Saturday. We’ll be there Saturday during the day for a bit, though we haven’t planned where we’ll be exactly just yet.