Every week day for at least the next two weeks, I will be spotlighting some of the awesome creators I have met over the last seven years of doing Legion of Sand. These creators produce a variety of different content and with the current state of affairs, I wanted to reach out and ask them all the same several questions.

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Our last entry in this series is here and it is Tyler from Tapestry Comics. He has been another great supporter of this site and I truly appreciate it. Tyler’s work in comics is definitely unique in a world that is full of capes and guns. Tyler, along with some talented artists, tell stories from history in graphic novel form. I would highly recommend checking out his work such as A Flower in a Field of Lions.

How are you spending the time at home?
So I have three kids (3,5,7) that are all out of school. in the first two days, due to all the free time, they all tried killing each other. So now we have a full home school schedule where I have taken the role of teacher. This is how I primarily spend my day between 3 meals, snacks, and several classes in between. At the end of the day after the kids are asleep I’ve been winding down painting game miniatures as it’s super cathartic after dealing with the constant chaos and always needing to be on for the day.

What is a favorite of meal of yours that you could have multiple times a week?
As for eating, we’ve gone into survival mode and lucky for me something I can eat all the time is rice and beans. The kids and I have been making homemade tortillas and I’ll roast a chicken for protein. So Ive got tacos/burritos for a few days then we’ll make broth out of the carcas for Chicken Pho or something. Pad Thai is also an awesome meal we eat a lot. The key to this is getting a cilantro plant to keep a dependable supply as were avoiding store runs as much as possible. Other than making homemade tortillas, the kids and I planted a “victory garden” so we could have kitchen herbs and some veggies down the line (and this was the basis for a history lesson 🙂

Any recommendations for other creatives struggling to make content while at home?
I would love to be able to make a recommendation for other creatives but I have absolutely failed at this. Educating and caring for 3 young kids non-stop for 7 days a week just wipes me out and I don’t have basic energy much less creative energy. I’ve tried working on finishing up peripheral aspects for an upcoming project and I just…..can’t. I am super blessed to be in a position where my creative work isn’t what feeds my family so this failure isn’t detrimental, just disappointing.

Anything you would like to promote?
We’re in the home stretch of finishing up our floppy Alternative History. That should be out the second half of this calendar year. And as always our historical comics Bayeux, and A Flower in a Field of Lions are both available at TapestryComics.com