Every week day for at least the next two weeks, I will be spotlighting some of the awesome creators I have met over the last seven years of doing Legion of Sand. These creators produce a variety of different content and with the current state of affairs, I wanted to reach out and ask them all the same several questions.

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Like many of the people who will be featured in this series, I came to know of Beth through Twitter and eventually met at what was then known as Phoenix Comicon. Beth has a real appreciation for some classic jrpgs similar to myself which automatically makes her cool in my book. Speaking of books, you can check out some of Beth’s own books such as the Clockwork Dagger & Blood of Earth series from Harper Voyager on her site.


How are you spending the time at home?
Staring at my Twitter feed while in a persistent state of existential dread and anxiety. Well, okay, this is what I’m trying NOT to do (too much). Before the current disaster, I worked from home as a fiction writer and was principal caregiver for my teenage autistic son. His school is now closed. Half his therapies are currently cancelled, and the others have been shuffled around. My husband has been telecommuting for the first time, which adds another layer of weirdness to the day. As someone with OCD, who needs regimented structure, this has very disorienting. Add onto that the regular injections of dismal news, and it’s been awfully hard to focus on writing. I am getting words out, but it has been more torturous than usual.

What is a favorite of meal of yours that you could have multiple times a week?
In a statement that will surprise no one who knows me, I have a mighty stockpile of artisan cheese. I am happy to make a simple, healthy supper for myself a few times a week that features good crackers, cheese, and some preserves or jelly, with baby carrots on the side. I’ve been making big batches of other foods like slow cooker chicken teriyaki to feed my husband through the week since his current schedule is weird and we’re not often eating at the same time.

Any recommendations for other creatives struggling to make content while at home?
If other creatives are like me, staring at their social media as this real-life sci-fi-horror movie plays out, we’ve gotta practice self-care and get away from the news. If we can’t close the browser tab or app, then we need to physically leave the computer or leave the phone across the house. I’ve been doing 20 to 30 minute neighborhood walks with my son most afternoons. I carry my phone but I do not look at it during that time. We just walk and talk. I am also trying to train myself to NOT check the news right before bed. That is not the time for a fresh dose of anxiety–it can wait until the morning, with all of my existing anxieties.

Anything you would like to promote?
I have two fantasy series out with Harper Voyager, but with small businesses in a particular crunch right now, I’d love to point people toward my short story collection, Red Dust and Dancing Horses and Other Stories. It’s published by Fairwood Press out of Washington State, and it’s packed with character-focused science fiction and fantasy stories with an overall hopeful note. We could use more of that right now.

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