Every week day for at least the next two weeks, I will be spotlighting some of the awesome creators I have met over the last seven years of doing Legion of Sand. These creators produce a variety of different content and with the current state of affairs, I wanted to reach out and ask them all the same several questions.

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Believe me when I tell you this: Kerry is one of the hardest working individuals in the convention community. She is the driving force behind the SDCC Unofficial Blog and puts in a crazy amount of work to keep attendees informed about all the happenings of San Diego Comic-Con. I met during SDCC years back and shortly after that, I joined the blog and still contribute when I can.

How are you spending the time at home?
I’ve actually been working at home for about a year and a half, so my daily routine hasn’t changed that much. Mostly I’m just working, catching up on some TV, and learning that 10PM on a Saturday night is the best time to go to the grocery store.

What is a favorite of meal of yours that you could have multiple times a week?
Anything with pasta or rice. To me those are the two most versatile things, because you can pair almost anything you have with them.

Any recommendations for other creatives struggling to make content while at home?
I wish I had some great suggestions for how to self-motivate, but I just personally can’t leave things unfinished, so I’ve always been a workaholic anyway. But if you’re new to working from home, my suggestion is don’t stress about things that don’t matter (Want to wear work clothes? Do it! Want to wear your pyjamas instead? Great!) and just try to get into a routine, whatever that looks like for you. Even working from home, my own personal work routine changes depending on whether or not it’s con season or not. There are no hard and fast rules. So don’t feel like there’s only one way to do things, or that you can’t experiment to find what works best for you. Also, if you can’t focus because you’re feeling stressed out… turn OFF the news, turn off social media. Your mental health will thank you.

Anything you would like to promote?
Like so many conventions around the country, WonderCon has been “postponed” indefinitely. That’s sad for fans, but it’s the hardest for artists and small vendors who rely on conventions to make ends meet. At the San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog, we put together a resource list for what we’re calling WonderCon Online of everyone in Artist Alley (and then some) with social media, website, and web store links. Go support some small artists and vendors and buy some cool stuff: https://sdccblog.com/2020/03/wondercon-online-2020-artists-alley/

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