Every week day for at least the next two weeks, I will be spotlighting some of the awesome creators I have met over the last seven years of doing Legion of Sand. These creators produce a variety of different content and with the current state of affairs, I wanted to reach out and ask them all the same several questions.

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DeAngelo is the creator of The Geek Lyfe site and has put together a diverse team whose passion is highlighting the positivity across the cosplay community and pop culture in general. DeAngelo and I have few a mutual friends in which we have been exchange greetings over the years. Make sure you check his work and his team does!

How are you spending the time at home?
I’m hanging out with my fiance reading, writing, and working on passion projects!

What is a favorite of meal of yours that you could have multiple times a week?
I always love chili and hot dogs! It is such a cheap meal that never gets old for me.

Any recommendations for other creatives struggling to make content while at home?
The honest answer is to just get over it. We are artists and if this is truly our one, true, art then we need to prioritize the opportunity of an abundance of time over our slight discomfort. Present us will hate it but our future selves will appreciate our hard work when we reap the benefits!

Anything you would like to promote?
Yes! We recently wrote an article on small businesses to help highlight during this trying time. Even a single sale generated from our article would mean the world to us! Support the indies!

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