Every week day for at least the next two weeks, I will be spotlighting some of the awesome creators I have met over the last seven years of doing Legion of Sand. These creators produce a variety of different content and with the current state of affairs, I wanted to reach out and ask them all the same several questions.

You can follow along with each part here:

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The first creator spotlighted is Victoria who runs SaturnHex with her partner Julian. You can check our their Etsy store or give Victoria a follow on Twitter. Victoria, like many of the creators spotlighted, I first came across on Twitter. She has graciously participated in various giveaways I have done in the past by donating some of her awesome hand made goods.


How are you spending the time at home?
I’m working remotely for my day job, still 40 hours, but outside of that, focusing on my gardening and playing Animal Crossing!

What is a favorite of meal of yours that you could have multiple times a week?
My favorite meal ever is fish and rice, but I just discovered Cheba Hut and my jam right now is a La Canna nug with Kool Aid and rice crispy treats. Making good use of that online ordering!

Any recommendations for other creatives struggling to make content while at home?
Don’t force it! Being at home may seem like an ideal time to finally focus and pump out content—I know for me it is—but it’s an evolving and stressful situation for everyone and we’re all coping in different ways. Take the time you need to deal with everything and if focusing on work is something good for you, do it! Otherwise, the stress of being cooped up with only cause you to burnout faster.

If you can, use the downtime to focus on your online shop, or plan out what projects you can start working on when it’s safe to be in public areas again.
For myself and Julian though, a good thing we practice in general is finding another outlet where we can be creative if a larger, more serious project is getting too stressful or if we’re stuck in a creative rut. A small project we can finish in a short amount of time, like a quick sewing project, writing fanfic, or doing a fun sticker design, usually help us keep momentum.

Anything you would like to promote?
Yeah! Check out the list of Arizona artists that Legion of Sand is promoting! Right now, small businesses are struggling and if you can, continue to support and promote them. I’m also going to shoutout SaturnHex’s Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/shop/SaturnHex) and Instagram (@saturnhex) We’re in the process of spring cleaning but hopefully we’ll have some new stuff soon!

Be sure to return tomorrow for part 2 of Content Comrades