Legion of Sand’s Top 10 Con Moments of 2015: Number 1!

Number 4
Number 3
Number 2
Honorable Mentions

Okay, so this is a little anti-climatic due to my laptop crapping out on me. The article was suppose to have a video to accompany it but the only place I have the video besides my non working laptop is on Facebook. So if you really want to see the video, send me a tweet and I’ll send you my FB profile so you can send me a friend request.

1. Mark Sheppard interviews my son – Salute to Supernatural

This is one of those moments I didn’t get to actually witness but thanks to someone who was recording the panel that was sitting near my wife and kid, it was caught on video.

Update: Found the original Youtube video! Thanks to moxie for recording it! Fast forward to 1:25 to catch the moment.


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