It’s Christmas Eve! Hope you guys are having a great Holiday season. Next week I reveal my number 1 but this week I wanted to mention a few that just missed my top 10.

Lunch With Donald Sutherland – San Diego Comic Con 


I was eating lunch at one of the many restaurants in the Gaslamp district just across the street from the convention center when this guy came in and had lunch by himself. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t actually Donald Sutherland, as he wasn’t even at the Hunger Games panel but it was a funny moment for me. 

Rob Liefeld entertains his standing room only panel – Amazing Arizona Comic Con 


I’ve been to many comic book panels, while most are interesting, few are actually entertaining. Rob Liefeld, the creator of such mega characters like Deadpool and Cable, breaks that mold, and entertains. Often not sitting down, he makes his way through the room answering every question, many times with a hilarious impersonation of people such as Tom Cruise or Todd McFarlane. 

Check back next week for my number 1 moment and you can also check the main page for 10-2!