Peter Pan 360 is one of those events that might not show up on your radar but it probably should. 

From the press release 

Let your imagination take flight on a soaring and stunning adventure with Peter Pan 360 Live on Stage! Don’t miss the classic storytelling and jaw-dropping visual effects of this hit production that has adults and children cheering! Playing in the Threesixty Theatre Tent located by The Pavilions at Talking Stick in Scottsdale. 
The CGI Projection Screens make this version of PETER PAN unlike anything you have ever seen or experienced before!

– The CGI is delivered by 12 video projectors each providing 30 degrees of the image. We use edge-blending software so that each projection blends seamlessly with those either side of it to create our continuous 360 degree virtual set.

– The CGI provides 15,000 square feet of video, larger than the biggest imax cinema.

– Each projector provides 20,000 lumens of light (1 Lumen = the level of light perceived by the human eye) A good home-cinema projector gives out approximately 2000 lm on average

– The longest sequence of CGI in the show is the Flight to Neverland for which 400 square miles of Edwardian London was rendered for the 4½ minute flight. This involved the use of 300 computers running continuously for 2 weeks.

I know this is a little bit different from my usual events but I’m going to check this event out next month. The show runs for a week starting Jan 20th. I think I’m going to check it out and let you guys know how it is. 

If you want more info, check out their Facebook page