We are down to the last 2 con moments! As a reminder, next week will be my honorable mentions and the final con moment will be in the last week of December.

2. Selfie Scavenger Hunt – San Diego Comic Con

Since setting out on this blogging journey back in 2013, I’ve gotten to know quite a few of you from Twitter and meeting you guys at various conventions. Many of the people I know all descend on the San Diego Convention Center for Comic Con. Getting a badge for SDCC is almost pure luck and I’ve had quite a lucky streak but I know that luck is going to run out soon and so this past year, I made time to take a picture with some awesome people. 

If I never get to attend another SDCC, I’ll have quite a bit of photos from the event of the years but even as important is the small collection of photos with I added to that collection last year.