Legion of Sand’s Top 10 Con Moments 2015: Number 3

Moments 10 and 9
Moments 8 and 7
Moments 6 and 5
Moment 4

Number 3 already! The year is almost over with and I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store.

3. Right Place at the Right Time, The Cast of The Walking Dead – San Diego Comic Con

If you follow sdcc tweets when during the con, someone is always tweeting this amazing moment of running into a celebrity on the show floor, out in the city. My wife has had better luck then I have in this department as it takes a bit of luck and when it happens, you might not be quick enough to capture the moment. I was out on the sdcc exhibit floor, just taking in the sights with no real agenda and I saw a small crowd forming near one of the entrances that are off limits to attendees. One thing I have learned is that if a crowd is forming, you stay put and wait to see why. Well, I did just that, and it paid off as almost the entire cast of The Walking Dead came walking right by. At this point, the small crowd had turned into a very large crowd. I was able to get a quick video of the moment and you can see what kind of chaos the moment had turned into.


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