We’ve hit December, the year has flown by and it is nearly 2016. The schedule for the rest of the way will be one per week with “Runner Up” moments on the 24th, and my number one moment the following week on New Years Eve.

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4. My Twitter Explosion – Salute to Supernatural

This was the first year attending and covering a Creation Entertainment convention, which was the Salute to Supernatural convention in downtown Phoenix this past February. Some conventions and events don’t have media applications but sometimes I will just send over an email showing my interest in their event. To my surprise (and at the last minute), Creation Ent gave me a media pass for the weekend. This was one of the events where I split coverage time with my wife as she is a huge Supernatural fan. She had seen various Supernatural guests and panels at San Diego, Nerd Hq, here in Phoenix, etc but a weekend long event with a ton of cast from the show was something she really wanted to experience. If you’ve attended any con put on by Creation Ent, then you know tickets are pricey, even more so if you want seats up front. With the media pass, they granted me front row seats to the panels which was incredibly generous of them (and this will play a part in another top con moment down the road).

Of course, for the Jared and Jensen panel, I had my wife go because that is the cherry on top of the con. The deal was that she went but had to text me so I could still live tweet the panel. Tweeted I did and my Twitter notifications blew up. I have a small amount of followers (but great followers!) but on that day, it felt like I had a million. Literally, every minute of the panel, I had so many notifications that I couldn’t keep count, I couldn’t respond to all the questions, it was crazy. For that 1 hour, it seemed like I was on top of the Twitter world and that to me was an awesome feeling.