As 2015 comes to an end, the inevitable look at 2016 begins and in the comic convention world, it is always about bringing the freshest faces and the biggest names. We are a little spoiled here in Arizona as we have a very busy con schedule, not to mention all the wonderful cons that are a few hours drive from us. I wanted to put together my wishlist of guests that I want to see make an appearance in the Grand Canyon state that haven’t had made a stop here or haven’t visited for quite some time.

A few names have been publicized pretty early for some of the shows in 2016 such as George R.R. Martin and Eve Myles that will be in AZ in the next 12 months.

Babs Tarr

Babs is currently the artist for Batgirl from DC Comics. She is a rockstar who has helped bring Batgirl back in the mainstream of comics. She was actually scheduled for Phoenix Comicon this past May but had to back out for personal reasons. Here is hoping she can make a stop in Arizona this year.

Paul Rudd
SD Comic Con 2014 220

I’m going to be honest, I’m pretty sure Paul Rudd doesn’t make con appearances outside of San Diego but the guy would kill at a con. I saw him back in 2014 at San Diego but it was for the Ant-Man panel with a few of his costars. I want a solo Paul Rudd panel! Nevermind the fact that he is Ant-Man, the guy has starred in a ton of quality films. This is a wishlist and dammit, I want Paul Rudd in Arizona!

Akira Toriyama


We’ve got a pretty strong anime community here in Arizona. How do you elevate our AZ anime cons such as Taiyou and Saboten as must attend national cons? Bring in a heavy hitter and Akira Toriyama is just that. Yes, he is responsible for the juggernaut that is Dragon Ball but the man has a legendary video game resume as well with having a helping hand in design with such games as Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest, Tobal, and Blue Dragon.

Tara Strong

I’ve started enjoying voice actor panels more and more recently, who better to have then one of the most accomplished voice actors, Tara Strong. Her library of work is very extensive, she probably does a voice on your favorite animated series honestly.

Mark Hamill


If the recent survey from Phoenix Comicon is any indication, this choice might be the most possible. Many know Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker but for a whole different generation, Mark Hamill is The Joker. I missed out on Mark this past San Diego Comic Con so I hope to have another chance in 2016.

Scott Snyder


I’m not sure if Scott Snyder has made an appearance at an AZ con, but if he has, it’s been more than a few years. Currently ripping up the charts with his work on Batman, Snyder is one of the biggest names in the industry and I am sure the fanbase in AZ would welcome him with open arms.