Every Thursday until the end of the year, I’ll be going over my top 10 con moments from 2015. These are from just the cons I attended that I got to be a part of.

8. Con Man and the Con Man cold shoulder – San Diego Comic Con

One of the most anticipated panels this year was Con Man, a indiegogo campaign headed up by Firefly alumni Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion. It was the first “web show” to grace the holy Hall H stage at San Diego Comic Con and they brought a big gathering of the cast to the stage which included Tudyk, Fillion, Casper Van Dean, Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Seth Green, and a more. We got the first trailer for the show and we funny moments between the cast. On a side note, my wife had a ticket to the Con Man Nerd HQ panel where the 300 member audience each got a photo with the cast, I would have gladly traded panels for that. 

Later that afternoon, I was outside of the Hard Rock hotel across the street from the convention center and I see Alan Tudyk approaching, with no one in sight noticing him. I was going to discreetly ask for a photo and so we locked eyes and right before I was going to step to him, he immediately whipped out his phone and started talking, crushing my hopes for the photo as I wasn’t going to interrupt his phone call. I call it the cold shoulder because I’m pretty certain he had the slick phone move ready to go in case someone approached him lol. 

7. Hanging out with the voice of Rigby aka Bill Salyers – Comic & Media Expo

This might not have made my top 10 but it did for the wrong reason. If you attended CMX, you probably noticed it wasn’t well attended and the panels were even less attended. I sat in a near empty panel room with less then 10 people, talking to the voice of Rigby from one of my favorite Cartoon Network shows, Regular Show. It was quite the experience for a fan. We just chatted, talked about the show, his other works, his experiences, and so on. I wish it had been better attended but from a personal stand point, it’s not an experience you could really ever have at a convention.