Legion of Sand will be counting down to Phoenix Fan Fusion with Fan Spotlights, a few questions for fans, panel hosts, cosplayers, and so on of the biggest convention in the South West. If you are interested in being featured, send a DM to the LoS Twitter account or Facebook page.

Volume 3 spotlights Nerdette Culture, cosplayer and blogger.

1. How long have you been attending the convention which is now known as Fan Fusion?
Since the FIRST!

2. Do you have long standing traditions at the con?

Bulma DBS, Jessica Ft. Lil Mortys, Harley Barbie, Super Sonico 2017/2018

Looking at all the goodies on the floor. Love visiting with vendors!

3. What would you consider your ideal day at the con?
Not too hot haha, good food trucks, awesome cosplay, good panels in between!

4. Do you have a favorite restaurant that you stop at each year during the con?
I would say I don’t have a favorite restaurant. The food trucks and con snacks keep me pretty satisfied!!!

5. Favorite thing purchased at the con?
I know this might sound weird… but Blueberry Pocky!!!

6. Do you have a favorite cosplay that you’ve either worn or have seen someone wear?
I have a few… Harley Quinn, Super Sonico and Bulma! If I had to pic one, Bulma for sure!

7. What are you looking forward to with Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019?
Looking forward to seeing Wild Bill’s Soda, Sooooo delicious, and I need another mug! I’m also looking forward to premiering new cosplay that I have been working on 🙂


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