Legion of Sand will be counting down to Phoenix Fan Fusion with Fan Spotlights, a few questions for fans, panel hosts, cosplayers, and so on of the biggest convention in the South West. If you are interested in being featured, send a DM to the LoS Twitter account or Facebook page.

In this first volume, we feature Matt Hinds, admin and co-creator of Blue Ribbon Army, a social group focused on giving like-minded geeks a place to meet new friends.

1. How long have you been attending the convention which is now known as Fan Fusion?
We have been attending since 2009, so this will will be our 11th year!


2. Do you have long standing traditions at the con?
We always have a “close-friend” dinner on Wednesday before the convention starts and on the last night (Sunday).


3. What would you consider your ideal day at the con?
I have always been a big fan of Friday. I have the least amount of responsibilities with the social club that I run and the amount of attendees feels just right. That said, an ideal time would be spending time with my exhibitor friends and costuming group friends for longer than a couple of minutes, followed by copious amount of partying with geeks in the evening.


4. Do you have a favorite restaurant that you stop at each year during the con?
I am a huge fan of The Arrogant Butcher.


5. Favorite thing purchased at the con?
I purchased a Kylo Ren Ultrasaber before The Force Awakens came out. It’s big and loud and I like to swing it around like an idiot.


6. Do you have a favorite cosplay that you’ve either worn or have seen someone wear?
I enjoy cosplaying the Grand Inquisitor from Monty Python. We travel as a group (The Spanish Inquisition) and folks get a kick out of it.


7. What are you looking forward to with Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019?
I look forward to creating new traditions this year to keep things fresh. We plan on staying at a different hotel and altering our “normal” schedule.