Legion of Sand will be counting down to Phoenix Fan Fusion with Fan Spotlights, a few questions for fans, panel hosts, cosplayers, and so on of the biggest convention in the South West. If you are interested in being featured, send a DM to the LoS Twitter account or Facebook page.

Volume 2 spotlights Anthony Verlander, part of the Anime Anonymous group that puts on panels and programming at various conventions.

1. How long have you been attending the convention which is now known as Fan Fusion?
I’ve been attending the convention since Phoenix Comicon 2015.

2. Do you have long standing traditions at the con?
A couple things that I’ve held to every single year are, holding the Anime Anonymous panel and going to dinner with a large group of friends.

3. What would you consider your ideal day at the con?
The ideal Phoenix con experience is to walk around, hang out with and meet as many friends as possible that I can continue to experience future cons with!

4. Do you have a favorite restaurant that you stop at each year during the con?
Every year, I try to stop at a different place in the downtown area. In the past, it has been Hard Rock Cafe, Copper Blues, Squid Ink, and Hooters.

5. Favorite thing purchased at the con?
The best thing I’ve purchased at this event was actually gifts for other people. The best items have been a Totoro plush, a Poro plush, and a large Batman poster.

6. Do you have a favorite cosplay that you’ve either worn or have seen someone wear?
My favorite cosplay worn at this event was my Harlequin Cutthroat from Assassin’s Creed Black Flag Multiplayer.

7. What are you looking forward to with Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019?
In 2019, I am hoping that Phoenix Fan Fusion brings out more anime representation in their event to Arizona. There’s a lot that can be displayed as far as great guests, music, gaming, and more when it comes to animation. Since the event is not longer called “Phoenix Comicon” or “Phoenix Comic Fest”, my hope is that there will be a much larger focus on other fandom areas (as opposed to the heavy focus on comics.)