Legion of Sand will be counting down to Phoenix Fan Fusion with Fan Spotlights, a few questions for fans, panel hosts, cosplayers, and so on of the biggest convention in the South West. If you are interested in being featured, send a DM to the LoS Twitter account or Facebook page.

Volume 3 spotlights Mitch Punpayuk, part of the podcast Geek Elite Radio.

1. How long have you been attending the convention which is now known as Fan Fusion?
I’ve been attending what is now known as Phoenix Fan Fusion since 2011

2. Do you have long standing traditions at the con?
When my friends and I attend Phoenix Fan Fusion, we make sure to attend as many panels as possible, the masquerade is a must, but I will always end the night at Copper Blues in the city walk.

3. What would you consider your ideal day at the con?
An ideal day at the con would start with a hassle free entrance; walking the exhibit floor and seeing the amazing work people put into their cosplays and costumes; listening to great convention guest panels; talking to new artist and discovering their work; and ending the night with great people at an event or bar to celebrate what brings us together.

4. Do you have a favorite restaurant that you stop at each year during the con?
We always have to have a few meals at Steve’s Grill when attending the con but since I’m coming in to town from Yuma I will always stop at YC’s Mongolian BBQ as soon as I get into town.

5. Favorite thing purchased at the con?
I love purchasing superhero graphic tee’s and comic book art from new and pro artists.

6. Do you have a favorite cosplay that you’ve either worn or have seen someone wear?
Two of my favorite cosplays I’ve worn were genderbent Kaylee Frye from Firefly and Two-Face from Batman The Animated Series. And how do I pick just a handful of the great cosayw I’ve seen over the years? There are a few characters I will always hold dear, like Taskmaster and Red Hood.

7. What are you looking forward to with Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019?
I personally am looking forward to seeing Dennis O’Neal, because he co-created my favorite member of the Bat Family, Jean-Paul Valley/Azrael.


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