Welcome to the third annual count down of my favorite convention moments of the year. 2017 was full of awesome conventions which provided me some great experiences. Every Thursday for the rest of November and December, I will be counting down those experiences and moments.

6. California Dreamin’ – WonderCon

WonderCon has always been a personal favorite convention of mine. The con always offers quality programming, a great artist alley, and plenty of other aspects that I’ve covered in my past reviews of it. This year, my experience as a whole was one of the best. Part of it was being in Anaheim and trying new things like Korean BBQ and actual ramen, partaking in some adult beverages, and just enjoying the town. The other part was just being able to take in that experience with a few buddies, stumbling upon Wonder Woman director Patti Jenkins taking photos with fans, or just seeing the crazy amount of quality cosplay at WonderCon. I know this isn’t exactly just one moment (and trust me, I got a few more where I’m going to cheat) but I’ll never be able to attend WonderCon going forward without thinking about my 2017 experience.

5. The Liefeld Effect – Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con/San Diego Comic-Con

One of the best parts of attending conventions frequently is that you see some of the same faces and you eventually come to know a few of them. While I wouldn’t be brave enough to call Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld a friend, it is however someone I can have a conversation with and not have to introduce myself each time because it’s someone I’ve come to know over the years. I had two really cool encounters with Rob this past year at Amazing Las Vegas Comic and San Diego Comic-Con. I won’t go into specifics because it might be a bit boring but the guy is has always been supportive of my work and goes above and beyond to take a few minutes to chat when I see him.


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