Welcome to the third annual count down of my favorite convention moments of the year. 2017 was full of awesome conventions which provided me some great experiences. Every Thursday for the rest of November and December, I will be counting down those experiences and moments.

10. TeddyLoid Concert – Taiyou Con

I can’t front, my knowledge of current anime doesn’t run too deep. Ask me who creates some of your favorite anime tracks and I’ll look even more confused. That however did not stop me from enjoying one of the coolest performances I’ve ever seen at a con or just in general. TeddyLoid, who is a big time name in Japan because of dance/electronic music, was a guest at Taiyou Con back in January and put on a great performance. TeddyLoid is a performer that headlines mega conventions like Anime Expo and to be able to see him live in front of an intimate crowd at Taiyou was a treat. The bummer however is that I don’t believe I have any photos from the concert but if you check out the Taiyou Con Facebook, I am sure they have a few posted if you’re interested!

9. Sounds of Sonic Concert – San Diego Comic Con

Yes, moments 9 and 10 are convention concerts but they were both really great experiences. The Sounds of Sonic concert was held at the Indigo Ballrooom during San Diego Comic Con to celebrate the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The concert was taken off the online program guide, put back on and then taken off again so I wasn’t even sure it was going to happen until I made my way to Indigo. Concerts are not an every year thing at San Diego Comic Con (in an official capacity) and because I really enjoy video game music, I didn’t want to miss this one. We were treated to a good 45 minutes of classic and modern Sonic tunes and everyone in attendance was really into. You can check out a few of the videos from my YouTube channel below.