Welcome to the third annual count down of my favorite convention moments of the year. 2017 was full of awesome conventions which provided me some great experiences. Every Thursday for the rest of November and December, I will be counting down those experiences and moments.

4. Viva Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

2017 was the first the year of the hiatus (permanently?) of Amazing Arizona Comic Con. AACC was one of my favorite conventions as I enjoy the “comic” aspect of comic cons. The absence of AACC meant I was going to finally commit to attending another one of the Amazing cons which is in Las Vegas. The convention was headlined by some great media guests (Peter Mayhew, Batman ’66 cast) and some great comic book guests (Stan Lee, Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane). Not only was this my first time attending the convention, I brought my buddy with me who had never been to any kind of comic convention before.

We also attended one of the after parties which was held at Millennium Fandom Bar. The party was filled to capacity with people in cosplay, lots of drinks, and some great raffle prizes. For my first Vegas convention experience, it was a memorable one.