In order to describe why Luna Con is happening in Phoenix next month, the Taiyou Con situation will need to touched on. I haven’t written about it because situations like the one currently happening can have legal consequences for outlets who do not use proper phrasing in describing the situation. I do not have ANY experience navigating those waters so to keep this simple: an individual last week came forth on social media to share their unwanted experience with the head of Taiyou Con. More and more accounts from individuals came out describing behavior that can be described as predatory.

In light of many people, including myself, not wanting to support a convention that the individual could be profiting off, Kei Collective stepped up for the community. If you are not familiar with Kei Collective, they are an alternative fashion shop in Phoenix where you can purchase merchandise from independent artists and designers. Many of the same artists and designers you see at various conventions and events around Arizona.

Luna Con was put together to help give vendors and attendees have an alternative the same weekend (January 7 – 9, 2022). Vendor applications and even panel submissions are currently open and the links can be found on their Twitter account. This is a free to attend event that looks to be held at Kei Collective (2303 N 44th St #11, Phoenix, AZ 85008) and more details look to be coming out as they are made available. The graphic does mention the following however: Fandom, panels, maid café, live performances, vendors, artists, anime, cosplay, KPOP, and gaming. As usual, I will keep you updated here and over on Twitter as details come out.