Luna Con kicks off this Friday, January 7! It’s a three day, free pop culture event held in Phoenix. Let’s get into all those details you want.

When and Where?: Luna Con starts Friday, January 7th and is also held both January 8th and January 9th. Luna Con is presented by Kei Collective which is where the event is taking place: 2301 N 44th St, Phoenix, AZ 85008

Okay, cost?: This event is completely free to attend! This is a non-profit event and all proceeds will be going to the Arizona Coalition To End Sexual and Domestic Violence.

I can get behind that, what is there do at the con?: Vendors, panels, a fashion show, and a cosplay contest are the highlights of this convention. Keep in mind this was a convention that came to be last month and its being put together to give convention fans an alternative experience this weekend. With that said, have realistic expectations of what you’re attending.

Also, if you are interested in participating in the fashion show or cosplay contest (or even volunteering!), you can find the forms on the official site. Following that link also gets you to program guide with the list of happenings each day.

Is this all in one small building?: Not exactly. Kei Collective is in a shopping center and they look to have been able to secure the use of some of the empty retail shops to use for different parts of the convention. The Luna Con Twitter account posted this handy map of the shopping center last month.

Where can I park?: See image above!

I might be working this weekend, what are the hours?: Well, here is what I’ve gathered from their official site:
Vendor Hall hours on Friday are from 12-7P, Saturday 11A-7P, and Sunday 11A-5P. However, it looks like there are some events/panels you can attend each day after the vendor hall has closed.

My last question, I promise. What are the COVID protocols?: Taken straight from the Luna Con site: “All our events are MASKED. We require that you wear a mask while inside the building and it must cover your mouth an nose at all times. Please plan ahead and bring a mask! We don’t want to turn people away, but we will”.