I’m kicking off a new Throwback Thursday article series with a look back at Phoenix Comicon 2014. This was only my second year attending the convention and my first attending all four days. The guest list was STACKED that year, it featured a Batman ’66 reunion, Nathan Fillion, Stephen Amell, Bruce Campbell, Mark Sheppard, Stan Lee, and Carey Elwes to name a few.

I had gotten to the convention center early on Saturday as it was the day most of the big guests were doing panels in the North Ballroom and I wanted to get a good seat. I ended up maybe a dozen rows or so from the stage and stayed in the ballroom the majority of Saturday to take in all of the panels featured. I left the room on a quick bathroom break before Nathan Fillion’s panel and the line waiting and hoping to get into the ballroom was massive. That is still probably the largest panel line I have seen at Phoenix Comicon/Fest/Fan Fusion to this day.

One of the comic book guests that I was looking forward to meeting and getting a signature from was Chris Claremont who has written very key issues of X-Men. I remember getting in line for his table as soon as the exhibit hall opened up on that Friday and was like 20 something in line. It was like a 45 minute wait but it was worth it.

This was also the year that the exhibit floor featured the 13th Floor Haunted House booth which had an awesome photo op area.


Here are some more random photos from Phoenix Comicon 2014. I really enjoyed the convention that year and I still don’t think the con has topped itself. If you want to read the recap articles from 2014 and any of the other years I have attended, bang it here.