The 4th annual birthday celebration of King Kirby takes continues! This year the celebration takes place at Bonus Round in Phoenix which will be a fun filled night of Jack Kirby trivia (with prizes!). From the official event Facebook page:

Phoenix’s Jack Kirby Birthday Celebration continues for its fourth year! This year, Jack Kirby, The King Of Comics, would’ve turned 101 years old, so we’re honoring him with a bar trivia night, cleverly called “Kirby 101!”

RSVP by sending your team name to host Russ Kazmierczak, Jr. at, with the subject line “Kirby 101.” The evening will consist of three rounds of increasingly difficult trivia, with entertainment between rounds — and prizes for the top three placing teams! Please RSVP by August 20.

Join this amazing annual tradition, and one of the Valley’s leading hubs for pop culture and entertainment — Bonus Round!

JUST ADDED! Local stand-up comedians Tommy Cannon, Nathan Evangelista, Durrell Johnson, Steve Mandel, Matt Micheletti, and Ernesto Moncada will perform between rounds. It’s a night of education and entertainment — to honor a king!

You can join the celebration tomorrow night, August 28, at 8PM at Bonus Round.