2018 is just about here and some of you (including me) won’t be wasting much time to attend our first con of the year. While I did a countdown of my top 10 Con moments of the year, I would like to touch upon some trends I’d like to see end in 2018.

Warning: It might get a little negative 😉

Mystery Boxes

You’ve seen them everywhere, maybe you’ve even purchased one but mystery boxes are a trend I’d like to see come to an end. They are starting to dominate exhibit halls at many conventions and are stacked as high as the Fire Marshall will allow. Here’s the thing, I see people buying them all the time but I don’t know any one who has been satisfied with one. I purchased one back in 2016 and yeah I got more then $40 worth of stuff but it was things you’d find at the clearance bins of Hot Topic and FYE. They come in all shapes and sizes now but at the end of the day, it’s still the same “junk”.

Mile High Art Displays

Speaking of things piled up high, nothing makes me move by an artist booth faster then a huge wall of art. No disrespect to the actual talent of the artists who do this but it’s so inconsiderate to your booth neighbors. I’m sure your art is cool but use this opportunity to drive business to your online store or site, does every single piece of art have to be displayed?

Increasing Prices

This is more wishful thinking then anything but prices are on the rise to get your foot into conventions. Yes, these higher prices for various conventions are due to higher profile guests, paid staff, venue costs, etc but when is it enough? Prices continue to increase for parking, remember this?

some restaurants have comic-con menus that offer limited items at higher prices. Several conventions have already announced badge prices for 2018 which are an increase from the previous year. The more money attendees spend to get to the convention/ get into the convention, the less money they have to actually spend on exhibitors, artists, photo ops, etc. People love to talk about the con bubble bursting but nothing accelerates that process quite like rising costs.

What are some trends you’d like to see end in 2018? Make sure to comment below or tweet Legion of Sand!