Consider this one of the first big shake ups due to the recent verdict of the San Diego Comic-Con v. Salt Lake Comic Con trial. Square Egg Entertainment, the parent company of Phoenix Comicon and Phoenix Fan Fest, has announced today that the name Phoenix Comicon is no more, it is now Phoenix Comic Fest. The announcement was made on the official Facebook page:

“In recent months, the use of the word Comic-Con, and its many forms, has become litigious. We would prefer to focus on creating the best events and experiences for our attendees. Therefore, effective immediately, our event held annually in Phoenix in the spring will be rebranded as Phoenix Comic Fest. It will take the remainder of this week to transfer our website, social media sites, and other assets to the new name. In the meantime, we look forward to bringing you more guest announcements, more comic creators, more programming, and more excitement for 2018. In the coming weeks, look for announcements about our improved entry points and security, new partners, and more!”

This can’t be a cheap endeavor to rebrand the convention months before it is to be held but the ability to use the name was an option as San Diego Comic-Con allows other conventions use the “comic con” name with a licensing fee.