Taiyou Con Badge Giveaway!

Legion of Sand wanted to get in on the holiday spirit and so we are teaming up with Taiyou Con, “Arizona’s Coolest Anime Convention”, to give a way a weekend badge to run lucky follower! Taiyou Con takes place January 5 – 7 at the Mesa Convention Center. This year they are bringing such guests such as Robbie Daymond, the voice of Peter Parker/Spider-Man Marvel’s Spider-man, Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon, Prompto in Final Fantasy XV, and more! Along with Mega64, Toshio Furukawa (the voice of Piccolo in the Dragon Ball series), among others, the guest line up is really good if you’re into anime and Japanese pop culture. Never attended Taiyou Con? In my top 10 con moments of 2017, Taiyou Con made the list twice. Not bad for a small local convention right?

So how do you win? One lucky person will be picked at random who follows both Legion of Sand and Taiyou Con on Twitter and RT the following tweet:


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