The more I recap my favorite moments from this year, the more I realize how different of a year it’s been. For me, conventions have always been a thing I enjoyed mostly on my own. I’ve been so caught up in bringing convention coverage on Twitter (you can follow along with @LegionofSand #alwaysplug) that taking time to hang with people I know was always on the back burner.

This past Phoenix Comicon was a completely different experience (besides the obvious headlining news). I spent a good chunk of time with friends every single day of the convention. From hanging with my buddy who’s had never attended a convention, to having lunch with Parks and Cons, to enjoying some of the nightlife activities with a good convention buddy of mine. I’ve always been in the camp that doing cons solo is much more productive but I finally learned attending a con with friends is a much more rewarding experience.

I don’t want to have subject my friends to posting their photos on my blog, I’m sure that is the last thing they want so enjoy a few general photos from Phoenix Comicon.