If you’ve been a reader of the blog for awhile or you follow me on Twitter, you should know my love of video games equals my love for conventions. So I was excited to get the chance to experience a different touring video game symphony that was heading to Phoenix. 

RePlay: Symphony of Heroes takes on a journey of multiple chapters as “hero” sets fourth to reach his destiny. Each chapter provides a short description before the game series/title is introduced. The game selections are mostly modern titles so fans of retro video game music might be a little disappointed but if you enjoy games like Dragon Age, Guild Wars, Portal, Halo, etc then this will be right down your alley. During the performances, most are accompanied by footage of said game series/title. 

For me, the second half of performances after the intermission was on point for me. Songs after song were games I really enjoyed and had fond memories of which usually included the soundtrack. The first half of performances were from titles that I either only played for a small period or not at all but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the music and the performance of the Phoenix symphony. 

Comparisons to the other major video game symphony, Video Games Live, I’m sure will arise but I’ve been to both now and they are actually quite different. So if you decided to skip rePlay because you’ve already been to VGL, you could have had a totally different experience. 

Phoenix was the last performance for rePlay but I am sure more will be booked soon. If you haven’t experienced a video game symphony, you actually have a few different to pick from such as the previously mentioned Video Games Live, Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds, and Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess (which is also produced from the same individual who produces RePlay). 

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