Anime Expo, the largest anime convention in the U.S., takes place next month in Los Angeles. I’ve actually never attended Anime Expo, and won’t be this year either, however, friend of the site, Jamie W, will be on hand to bring some coverage to you guys! 

I asked Jamie to give me a quick run down on what to expect from Anime Expo and if you’re going for the first time, hopefully this will shed a little on light on things for you as well. 

What is the line situation like at Anime Expo?

Anime Expo is one of the most popular conventions in the whole country so, unfortunately, there will be lines. They are making greater efforts this year by adding more ticket stations and expanding the amount of volunteers distributing badges so hopefully the line situation will improve. 

Can you get into a panel typically before it starts or do you need to do some planning ahead?

With every panel there will be a waiting line. Some panels allow attendees to get in and still get a good seat, however, big panels will require a line wait, some for several hours so if you know it’s going to be popular, plan your day!

Any tips or suggestions for cosplayers attending AX for the first time?

It will be crowded so make sure you are aware of your surroundings because someone may accidently bump into your cosplay. It gets hot and food can be expensive in the convention center so make sure you eat and keep hydrated. 

Are there any booths that draw large crowds?

Some booths to name off are Funimation, Sentai Filmworks, Altus, J-list, Bandai Namco and those were last year. There are many new ones expected to draw large crowds.

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