A panel that got its start last December at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest was the Phoenix Comicon preview panel which announced a few major changes that we finally got to see for ourselves last weekend. It wasn’t a surprise to see the same panel return last weekend, this time previewing Fan Fest. Not much was announced in the panel (no guests announced) which is to be expected, the organizers had just finished a crazy weekend. Let’s touch on what did get mentioned…

  • In case you didn’t get the notice, Fan Fest will be held December 4-6 at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale
  • Fan Fest had an attendance of just over 11,000 last year
  • Why a second convention? The demand for a con in the winter, the need for an event in the west valley, and lots of mentions from attendees of social anxiety due to the crowd size of Phoenix Comicon
  • The goal is to make almost all panels at Fan Fest interactive with attendees (the lone exception being guest panels)
  • Speaking of guest panels, the level of guests will continue to be the same (we saw David Ramsey and Eddie McClintock last year for example) Charisma Carpenter was originally scheduled for Fan Fest but had to cancel, hence that’s why you saw her at Comicon
  • Book author guests and panels will be a Phoenix Comicon thing, probably won’t see that at Fan Fest

You can expect to see Fan Fest tickets go on sale by the end of June. Make sure to Legion of Sand on Twitter for the latest Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest updates!