If you missed the recap for Thursday of Comic Con, you can read it here.

Friday was by far the oddest day of Comic Con I have ever had because I seemed to be there only a couple of hours but saw more famous people than I ever have outside of the convention center. The reason for that was I had a few too many strong drinks the night/morning before and I had ZERO desire to get up early. I swung by Babycakes San Diego for breakfast and a few treats before heading to the convention center.

Once inside I went straight to the small press table of Val Hochberg who is a local Arizona artist who I saw hi to at every convention! During Phoenix Comic Con, I told her and her husband Scott I would bring them some of the best cupcakes San Diego has to offer in which I did. Purchased a few cool prints from her and then we all took a selfie.

Walked around the convention center a little longer where I ran into Emilie Bada-BOOM in her Rocket Raccoon costume! You can check out her interview we did last month here.

We decided to leave because we still needed to check into or second hotel and I wanted to get ready to camp overnight for Hall H. We parked at the Hilton Bayfront and decided to do some celebrity watching where we hit gold. We saw Ron Perlman, the cast of Falling Skies, Channing Tatum, and the cast of The Walking Dead (who when they arrived immediately went over to the fans and took pictures, signed autographs and shook hands, really awesome to see). A few of the pictures look funny because I just recorded with camera took stills from the video.

Once back to the convention center, my wife headed over to Nerd HQ for the mystery guests panel. The panel featured a whole slew of guests including Colin Ferguson, Kal Penn and Nathan Fillion.

Here are more random photos from Friday at Comic Con

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