Sorry for the delay on the this, getting these videos uploaded to my Youtube page is a bit time consuming (and I still have more!).

So here we are, Phoenix Comicon 2014 is over and most of us have the post con blues. It was four days filled with cosplay, guests, crowds and lots of food. I always tweet about how awesome Val Hochberg is but she really is! If you’re heading to Denver Comic Con or San Diego Comic Con, check out her table and cute prints.

The last day started out by catching the last few minutes of the John Ratzenberger panel. Next up was Cary Elwes who talked a lot about The Princess Bride (he has a book coming out about the film), Psych, Saw, and a few other topics. He was pretty entertaining and seemed genuinely happy to be there. Things got a little carried away at the end however when everyone wanted a hug or a picture which the last few minutes of the panel just being a huge hug fest. The moderator should have been able to control that situation.

What I was really in the ballroom for was the Stan Lee panel which was moderated by Todd McFarlane. Todd came out to tell a story to warm up the crowd and then Stan came out to “save everyone”. I thought going in that we were going to get the usual Stan Lee “character” but I was pleasantly surprised how he handled being on stage with McFarlane and was constantly giving him a hard time. A surprise guest came out on stage to join the duo, Michael Rooker. He didn’t really have much to add to the panel besides plugging Guardians of the Galaxy.

That was pretty much my Sunday as I didn’t stay the entire day. Overall, I enjoyed Phoenix Comicon (only a few minor complaints that can be fixed easily) and will gladly be returning to the con next year. I got to meet a few readers and people that supports the site on tweeter, so thank you! If I missed you, I apologize! The next Arizona conventions are iCon and Saboten Con so if you are at either, I’ll say hi!

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* Still uploading the Stan Lee panel videos, will tweet it out when finished