I didn’t feel the exhaustion of yesterday because I spent 8 hours in room today which was the North Ballroom, home to the largest guest panels of the weekend. How it broke down today:

  • Adam West/Burt Ward/Julie Newmar
  • John Barrowman
  • Bruce Campbell
  • Stephen Amell
  • Nathan Fillion

Lets get the negativity out of the way because it wasn’t the fault of Phoenix Comicon. The first panel of the day featuring the stars of the ’66 Batman got started over 20 minutes late because of traffic. With autograph and photo op times of all the guests, nothing could really be done about extending the panel to a full hour.

Second, and again, not the fault of Phoenix Comicon, but it was super frustrating about the terrible cell phone service in the ballroom. Tweets had to be sent 10 times before it would go through, phone calls couldn’t be made, etc. I don’t know if it was all carriers but two other people I talked to in between panels had Verizon like myself and had the same issues.

Now that’s out of the way, lets get to the good stuff!

Every panel today was superb, I thoroughly enjoyed sitting through each one and had no regret about spending my day in one room. If I had to pick one panel of the day I enjoyed the most, it would probably be the Bruce Campbell panel. Let it be known I am not like a super fan or anything of his, I respect his work but wow, I was entertained by his panel from the go. Barrowman was a close second though!

I appreciated the fact that you could leave the room when needed and as long as you got a stamp before exiting, you could get right back in. Everyone in my area was cool about holding seats until you got back and no one was causing trouble.

I won’t recap the panels because I took a lot of videos for your enjoyment. They take FOREVER to upload to youtube so I will send out a few times when everything has been uploaded. Enjoy the pictures in the mean time and again, I will spam your Facebook and Twitter with video information when its ready 🙂

On a side note not related to my day in the ballroom, I got to meet a few of you today which was awesome! I really enjoy saying hi (you might not get much of a conversation out of me right away because I am bit shy at first lol) to everyone and if I missed you, sorry!

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*Update: Because of the amount of videos, I will have just a few posted here and the rest can be found on our Youtube page!