Day 2 is a wrap (for me anyways, activities still run late into the night)!

I got to the con waaay early, only a handful of people were in the lobby waiting for the exhibit hall. As it got closer to opening time, lines turned into large masses of people with zero organization. I understand ropes and stanchions are a little costly but how about some blue tape to show people where to stand? That was pretty much my only gripe of the day.

Ended up in the Chris Claremont (X-Men writer) and got one of my favorite books autographed. He was nothing short of sincere and kind. If you get a chance to stop by his (crazy busy) table, then do so, the guy is a legend in comics.

Next stop of the day was a Q&A Panel with cosplayer Ivy Doomkitty. Lots of informative information on materials she uses, how she got her start, upcoming costumes and so fourth. She might be a uber popular cosplayer but she seems very genuine and appreciate of her fans.

The highlight of day was the Mark Shepard (Firefly, Supernatural, Doctor Who, my personal favorite Leverage, and so on) panel in the main ballroom. First off, if you’ve never been into the main ballroom, it is unlike any other convention room I have experienced. It is a very unique room that has some really awesome lighting to it.

Mark went on for an hour and gave a panel that you could tell he really enjoyed doing. He didn’t stay seated behind the table, he was up and moving around, interacting with the fans that were asking questions and making everyone laugh. I took some videos of his panel that you can check out at the bottom of this article. It made me appreciate him even more as an actor and I have new found respect for him.

The final portion of my day was the Mark Greenawalt panel that featured comic creator Brian Pulido in which he turned four lovely women into elemental goddess with nothing more than body paint. The panel drew a very large crowd which filled the room to capacity. I won’t be posting any pics of the panel, no nudity here folks, sorry.

Enjoy the pictures and videos below, tomorrow is going to be an even crazier day.

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