Hello readers! What an eventful first day at Phoenix Comicon. I’ll be recapping each day on the site with new pictures and other cool happenings!

The day was a rough start, I waited in line for an hour for media badge pick up, the panelist/professional line went way faster. After securing my badge I went back up stairs to the convention food court, I had a huge dilemma deciding between pizza or Chinese food when the fire alarm went off. If you went to Phoenix Comicon (Phxcc) last year, you know the alarm went off at the end of the convention on Sunday. The entire building had to be evacuated and so I decided to walk over to the Hyatt and grab a bite at the Network Bar & Grille. Ended up at the table next to geek favorite Chris Gore.


Don’t worry, I waited until he was leaving to ask for a picture.

Exhibit floor was suppose to open at 4 however, the fire marshal was doing a last minute walkthrough and they didn’t open it up until about 4:15. Thankfully that was the end of the hiccups for the day as the rest of the day was smooth sailing.

Booths have expanded all over the floor this year which was a bit impressive. With Wondercon still fresh in my memory, I was expecting Phxcc to pale in comparison and it did not. Artist tables remain where they were last year but also expands into the back left of the floor, which was used last year just for an eating area. My favorite addition is the large area dedicated to autographs and photos, each section has an overhead sign with a picture of the guest and the times they are signing and taking pictures. No small dry erase boards here folks, this is legit stuff.

Chris Claremont will be the longest line you’ll fine in artist alley (and with good reason, the dude had an amazing run on X-Men) but you’ll also find so many other awesome creators that are easily accessible to you. However, if Claremont is on your list of stops, do it first thing, otherwise you’ll be waiting awhile.

So much more to cover but I’ll save some of it for each day, so in the mean time check out some of the pictures from the first day and make sure to follow us on Twitter, we tweet a LOT during conventions 🙂


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