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Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 Props and Cosplay Guide

After what happened last year, I am sure there are some questions still surrounding what is and isn’t allowed into the Phoenix Convention Center. This is taken DIRECTLY from the Phoenix Comic Fest website. If you have any questions on the list below, I suggest emailing the convention as soon as possible (oracle@squareeggproductions.com)

Allowed Props

  • Lightsabers, wands, and sonic screwdrivers are a-okay!
  • Bows that are completely inoperable; un-strung is best, but loosely strung is okay too.
  • Non-removable arrows in a quiver AND/OR arrows with no tip.
  • Foam, plastic, fiberglass, resin or metal shields with no sharp edges
    Please note: Metal shields are allowed, but may slow down the screening process at security.
  • Lightweight plastic bats. Any other accessories to the bat (such as those on Negan’s Lucille or the Demogorgon Killer from Stranger Things) should also be made of foam and incapable of harming others. No real barbed wire or nails, please!
  • Armor made of plastic, fiberglass, resin, or metal.
    Please note: Metal armor is allowed, but will drastically slow down the screening process at security.
  • Any other props & armor (except for anything resembling any sort of real or replica firearm) made of Plastic, Thermoplastic (Worbla), Urethane Resin, Cardboard, Foam, Foam Rubber, or other lightweight material.

Please know that any metal pieces of your costume will likely result in slowing down the security screening process. Please plan accordingly so you don’t miss any of the fun!

Apocalypse demands you read the prohibited items list

Prohibited Items

These items are, under no circumstances, allowed into the Phoenix Convention Center.

  • Real and replica firearms of any kind, regardless of how realistic or unrealistic they look. This includes any weapon resembling a firearm such as blasters, Overwatch firearms, etc.
  • Tasers
  • Glass props
  • Stone props
  • Slingshots
  • Brass knuckles
  • Real, replica, or simulated explosives, ammunition, chemical weapons of any kind, including but not limited to:
    • Simulated bomb vests
    • Cartoon bombs
    • Bullets
    • Hand grenades
    • Claymore Mines
    • Firecrackers
    • Pepper Spray
    • Mace
    • Powder caps
    • Metal or wood swords and other sharp-edged weapons
      • Please note: Swords, axes, Wolverine Claws, etc may be permitted as long as they are made out of one of the lightweight approved materials listed in the approved section with NO sharp edges.
      • Excessively noisy props including but not limited to:
        • Airhorns
        • Bullhorns
        • Whistles

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