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Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 Exhibitor and Guest List


Moto’s Glass at Phoenix Comicon 2017

The list of attending exhibitors is massive! You can check out the entire list of exhibitors and where they will be located right here. A few a friends of Legion of Sand you should check out if you find yourself with extra time are:

Moto’s Glass – Booth 361
Steam Crow Monster Rangers – Booth 873,875,972,974
Val Hochberg – Booth 975
Xeybhls Lil Dragon Shop – Booth AA125
Dutchs Dynamic Illustration – Booth AA529
SaturnHex/TechShop – Booth AA1221


A huge draw for many attendees is the large amount of guests that are invited. While I can’t list every single guest here, I can give you the link that lists every guest! While the media guests have been well documented, here are some of the artists or other guests you should check out!

Art Adams – Artist
Beth Cato – Author
Charles Soule – Writer
Mitch Gerads – Artist
Sam Sykes – Author
Scott Snyder – Writer
Mike Zeck – Artist
Joyce Chin – Artist
Katie Cook – Artist/Writer

Exhibit Hall Map

3RD Floor Hall of Heroes

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