It’s been well over a thousand days so we were all attending Phoenix Fan Fusion. In that time, we’ve seen some additions, changes, renovations and so on. Let’s take a cool a look at some of them (that are within short walking distance of the convention center).

Starting off with the Arizona Center which is one block north of the convention center and right across the street from the Sheraton. I honestly don’t remember if the redesign was completed before Fan Fusion 2019 but here is a photo of it just incase.

Hooters closed down a while back and has yet to be replaced. Subway is temporary closed from the looks of it but they are hiring for the location on the Subway website. Fear not however, Jersey Mike’s and BoSa Donuts have taken up residence in the Arizona Center.

Directly across the street like I mentioned is the Sheraton which went through a big lobby renovation during the last two years. If you attended Saboten Con this past September then you got a nice taste of the renovation (minus the new restaurant but we’ll get to that in a second). The lobby is now bright and open with plenty of seating.

The restaurant connected to the Sheraton, Carcara, looks really nice (and judging by the menu prices, it better be). Carcara also has a really nice patio which might be a nice way to unwind after the convention.

Carcara at the Sheraton

Speaking of hotels, the Hyatt directly behind the convention center has also seen a renovation and a new restaurant.

Barrel & Bushel at the Hyatt

Need a pastry or coffee that isn’t Starbucks before you start your day Fan Fusion? Right across the street from the Phoenix Convention Center is Dapper & Stout Coffee.

There’s been a new addition AT the Phoenix Convention Center is Huss Brewing Brewpub. The Brewbup is actually connected right the convention center on the north end of the west building (right across the street from the Herbeger Theater). Grabbing a drink or a bite to eat couldn’t be any closer (well, ignore what’s sold inside the con because that’s not fun).

Maybe you’re staying downtown for the weekend and wanna save some money by not eating at a restaurant for every meal. By the end of 2019, Fry’s opened a location right across from Footprint Arena. It’s an abbreviated version of Fry’s but it still has a bakery, deli, etc. It’s an obvious statement but if you’re doing Fan Fusion on a budget, Fry’s might be the way to go.

Photo Credit: Carly Bowling/ The Republic

Some of the additions since Fan Fusion was last held:

  • Taco Bell Cantina
  • The Ainsworth (replaces the Hard Rock)
  • Igno’s Tasty Food
  • The Whining Pig
  • Dog Haus

These are just a couple of the new places since 2019. The biggest loss? My beloved TGI Friday’s at Chase Field. It closed not long ago and nothing has replaced it yet. I loved sitting in an empty baseball stadium and enjoying some mozzarella sticks. Regardless, that wouldn’t have been possible this year as the Diamondacks are playing all weekend.