Earlier in the week I noticed one or two people ask why Taiyou Con was blocking people on Twitter and Instagram but I hadn’t seen anyone actually say “I have been blocked”. Well, the curiosity got to me and I decided to check Twitter and to my surprise, I had been blocked!

The owner/director of Taiyou Con was accused last year of SA which was recently retracted. A lot of attendees raised concerns which were valid to make. Now a lot of those same people who came out in support of attendees safety have noticed they have been blocked on by the convention on various social media platforms.

What does blocking attendees and vendors accomplish for Taiyou Con? It creates more ill will toward the convention and frankly puts them in an unflattering light. On December 20, 2021, Taiyou Con put out a statement (which has been deleted from their Facebook in the past 24 hours) that included “What we plan on doing moving forward is build back the community’s trust and good will“.

There has also been reports from various social media users who say they made no public statement in support of anyone and they too have been blocked. I don’t want to spotlight anyone’s social media posts with out their consent but if you search both Twitter and Instagram, they are easy to find. At the end of the day, this isn’t about me being blocked because I haven’t attended Taiyou Con since 2018 but just bringing to light some odd behavior from a popular local convention that people love(d) dearly.

Have you been blocked? Let me know Twitter or Instagram (@legionofsand).