In 9 days we will see Arizona’s newest anime convention: Anime Arizona. Taking place at the Mesa Convention Center on May 6 – 7, the newest convention put together by local store chain Toy Temple kicks off a modest lineup of guests and exhibitors.

All of the guest are voice actors who voice some of the most popular characters in anime. The full guest line up includes the following:

Prices and what each guest offers varies between each guest but you can see the full break down right here

The Anime Arizona website also has updated their exhibitor list which features 28 exhibitors. The list looks to be a mix of artists and vendors including Kira Kira Collectables, Olympus Games, Carlos Arts, and more. For the full list, just click it here.

Keep in mind this first year con will be focusing on directly guests and exhibitors. No panels (not even guest panels) and much of anything outside of those two things. This comes directly from the ticket page of Anime Arizona

While the blurb mentions cosplay contests as something being offered in the future, the official Instagram account for Anime Arizona did announce a cosplay contest (with some good prizes) but nothing has been posted on their website.