Saboten Con is only three months away and more details about the convention are being announced. You can get the details from the official Saboten Con website or just read below. First up is the lanyard color system:

This system will allow others to know the level of interaction you are comfortable with to help with initial interactions and also help keep you and others safe. While this is a great thing for the pandemic this year, we feel this will be a great addition to our shows from now on.

Colors and their representations:

Black (Neutral): No specified interaction.

Green (Close interaction welcome): This is the lanyard you would wear if you are comfortable with people coming up and asking to give you a hug or be within close contact (6 feet or less).

Yellow (Cautious): This is the lanyard you would wear if you are cautious about close interactions and would like others to stay a distance from you to keep each other safe (3 feet or more). Instead of hugs a fist bump or elbow bump might be best.

Red (Distance please): This is the lanyard you would wear if you are very cautious about your surroundings and wish others to make sure they stay at least 6 feet from you at all times if possible without your consent.”

The second announcement was in regards to pandemic policies that will be in place during the convention

Masks: We will not be enforcing a mask mandate above what the federal, state, and local governments have in place at the time of our shows. The only caveat to that is if one of our venues places a mandate above the governmental policies. [NOTE: as of 5/30/2021 the current law in place is that if you are fully vaccinated you do not need to wear a mask, but if you are NOT vaccinated you still have to wear a mask. Also note that if Saboten Con was this weekend we would be enforcing a 100% mask mandate. The reason for this current language is we just don’t know where we will be in three months with herd immunity and vaccinations so we don’t want to force something now that may not be needed three months from now]

Social Distancing: We will be following what the CDC has recommended for safe distances for large events at the time of the show. This may impact panel capacity depending on if distancing is still a requirement, but we will not know the full impact of this until we get closer to the show and know if there are distancing requirements in place still.

Autographs: We will know requirements for these as we get closer to the show and know what social distancing is in place.

Vaccinations: As a business we have decided not to ask for proof of vaccinations at this time for attendees, but we do encourage everyone to get vaccinated to help keep everyone safe. We will be enforcing a vaccination requirement for critical staff, but not for event support. We will also be asking all guests who sign contracts to be vaccinated or show proof of a negative COVID-19 test prior to flying into the convention.

Panel rooms: We will be using cleaning products between panels to keep our rooms as clean and safe as possible. This means that you will have to vacate the panel room between panels so we can disinfect the rooms. We will make sure that those who were in the room and staying for the next panel are put at the front of the line to get into the next panel.

Large Events: To help keep contact as low as possible for our larger events, we will be implementing a ticketing system. We will announce later which events will be ticketed and the tickets will be free of charge. This will allow you to get your place in line and in the room, without standing in long lines for extended periods of time. There is MUCH MORE to come with this to explain the process in more depth so everyone knows how this will function.

Gaming: We will have both table top and console gaming at the event, but at what magnitude is yet to be determined based on where we are with the pandemic when the show starts. We will update everyone monthly on where gaming is and also any changes that may happen.”

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