This may or may not bring you joy but pop culture conventions in Arizona will see a consistent return next month in July with the return of Mad Monster Party Arizona. After that, we see Arizona Toy Con in August, Saboten Con in September and we kick of 2022 with both Taiyou Con and Phoenix Fan Fusion in January. That makes five pop culture conventions in the next seven months. This doesn’t even include the fact that we could see other conventions make 2021 announcements such as Tucson Comic Con and Connichiwa (no official word yet however).

That would take us to seven in seven months, a ratio more in line with what Arizona was seeing pre-pandemic. There will certainly be changes and policies implemented for the first time at many of these conventions in regards to mask, distancing, and vaccinations (for example, see what Saboten Con has announced). There will be normal convention attendees not willing to attend yet and possibly first timers looking for more to do in this later stage of the pandemic. Arizona daily COVID-19 cases each day are below 1000 but still running anywhere from 200 – 700 according to the Arizona Department of Health Services. I’m not advocating for one thing or another, just simply providing the facts.

I wanna hear your thoughts! Are you ready for a return to conventions? Which con do you really want to attend in the future? Tweet me @LegionofSand